Our documentation is totally open source and is there to help the community. We are doing our best to improve it, but we would gladly welcome your contributions. Don't hesitate to join our Discord if you need help.




  1. (Optional) Open an issue on the repository to let us know you are working on something
  2. Fork the repository
  3. Clone your fork: git clone[USERNAME]/documentation
  4. Move into the directory: cd documentation
  5. Create a new branch: git branch -b [BRANCH NAME]

You are now ready to edit files 🚀


  • Pages are primarely markdown files, but HTML can be used too
  • Always link pages in the file otherwise they won't show up
  • To render the website we suggest using: mdbook serve


  1. Commit changes: git add . && git commit -m "[WHAT IS MY COMMIT ABOUT]"
  2. Push changes to your fork: git push
  3. Open a pull request on the Caido repository
  4. A preview link will appear in a comment
  5. Sign the CLA using the link that will also appear in a comment

We will then check your pull request, make changes if necessary and merge it. It will then appear on the official documentation 🎉

Thanks for contributions