The Projects tab allows you to organize your work by creating different projects for different tasks or assessments. A project in Caido acts as a container for all the information related to a particular assessment, such as requests, filters, scope presets and tamper rules.

We encourage you to keep your work organized by creating many smaller projects.


By clicking on the three dots to the right of the project Select button, you may:

Rename Projects

To restore your projects from a backup, press the Restore button on the Backups tab or use the Import button near the search bar on projects tab and provide a path to a .caidobak file.

Import Projects

Project Quick Change

The Project button on the top right of any page enables you to easily switch between your projects. No restart is needed to do so. You can navigate different assessments quickly without losing track of the information you've collected.

Switch Projects

Project Updating

When structural changes occur after a Caido update, sometimes it is necessary for Caido to update a project to a new project format. This can take time but will ensure you're working with the latest capabilities in Caido.

Projects are automatically upgraded when you use them with a newer Caido version and CANNOT be downgraded.

Upgrade Projects