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Reporting a Bug

Found a bug in Caido or need help debugging? You are at the right place!


We need a few items in order to be able to reproduce bugs and help you.

1. Backend Logs

Caido is using a client/server architecture, that means that we need logs from two places.

The first place to look for logs is in your data folder, you should see a logs folder.

Backend Logs Location

2. Frontend Logs

The second place to look for logs is in your browser's console included in your browser developer tools.

You can open the console by pressing F12 or right-clicking within the browser and selecting Inspect Element.

Frontend Logs Location

3. Steps to Reproduce

For us to be able to help you, we need to be able to reproduce the bug on our side.

Thus, it is critical that you give us as much details as possible on the various steps you took leading to the bug.


A good example of steps would be:

  1. In Intercept, click on Response.
  2. Start Queuing.
  3. In a terminal, execute curl -x
  4. Modify response status code.
  5. Click Forward.
  6. Confirm in terminal that the response was not modified.

4. Operating System & Version

Many Caido bugs are depend on the OS and even sometimes the version of that OS. When reporting a bug, please make sure to include this information.


A good example would be:

  • OS: Mac OS
  • OS Version: 12 (Monterey)
  • Caido Client: Caido Desktop
  • Caido Version: 0.33.0

5. Github Issues

The last step is to open an issue on our Github Tracker.

Thanks a lot for the help! You rock! 🤘


If your steps to reproduce contains sensitive information, please continue reading.

6. (Optional) Discord Channel

We prefer that the production only contain public data, but we understand that it is not always possible.

If your data is sensitive, please do contact us on Discord.

We will create a private channel for you and you will be able to provide that data to us in a secure manner.