Is Caido free?

Yes, Caido is free to use. However, we also offer a pro tier which will include additional advanced features in the future. By purchasing the pro version, you will be supporting the development and maintenance of the tool.

Additionally, we offer an enterprise plan for organizations that need premium support and/or custom feature implementation.

You can check our website to stay informed about the new features that will be added in the future.

Is Caido open source?

Caido is not currently open source, but we have plans to offer an API for open source plugin development. We also employ standard open formats whenever possible.

On how many devices can I install Caido?

At this time, Caido can be installed on an unlimited number of devices. You are welcome to install Caido on as many devices as you like.

What data do you collect?

When you register for Caido, we collect your name and email address, as well as information about your user agent.

When you use Caido, we collect interaction data between your instances and our cloud services. This includes the IP address of the instance and API call actions/timestamps.

We do not collect any data stored on your instances nor interactions within the caido application.

Where can I ask for support and/or feature requests?

You can ask for support and submit feature requests through our public Discord or Github repository. Both are great places to share feedback and help improve Caido.