The Sitemap feature allows you to visualize the structure of any website that is proxied through Caido.

It keeps track of domains, folders, and requests, as well as any variations in query parameters and post bodies. The Sitemap page provides a clear, hierarchical view of the website's structure, making it easy to identify and explore different parts of the site.


The Sitemap page displays a tree-like structure, with the root node representing the root domain of the website. Each branch of the tree represents a subdomain or subfolder, and the leaves of the tree represent individual requests. You can click on any node to expand or collapse it, revealing or hiding its child nodes.

Listing requests

You can also list all the requests that belong to a specific branch of the Sitemap tree by clicking on a tree node. The request table will be updated to display all the associated requests with details like the request method, path, status code and response length.