You can create backups of your projects at anytime inside Caido. They are self-contained files that can be easily shared with colleagues, partners, clients, etc. Creating backups is a Pro feature, but all plans can restore backups.



You create backups directly from the Projects tab of your Workspace in the 3-dots menu. It is possible to backup any project including the currently selected one.

Backups creation

Once the backup is done, it will be available in the Backups tab. If your instance is remote, you can Download the backup to your local machine. Otherwise, you can click on the 3-dots menu to get the path on disk if you wish to copy it directly.

Backups list


Restoring a backup is usually done via the Import button in the Projects tab. You will need to upload a backup file to the instance to perform the restore. Restoring always creates a new project, that is why you also need to enter a unique name.

Import project

Projects can also be restored from existing backups in the Backups tab. It will also create a new project on restore.

Import project