Caido Storage Folder

All the data Caido creates is stored in a single folder. It can be moved to another computer, but you might encounter issues (we are working on project export/import).

MacOS~/Library/Application\ Support/io.caido.Caido/

Folder Structure

We do not recommend modifying the files directly as this might result in problems in the application and/or corruption of data. Proceed at your own risk.

Inside the storage folder you will see the following files:

  • config.db: Contains all the non-critical configurations of the instance. Also contains the cached data from the cloud for offline support.
  • secrets.db: Contains all the sensitive configurations. Currently, it is AES encrypted with a static secret, but we plan to support a user-specified password in the future.
  • projects.db: Contains the metadata of the projects and hosted files.

Each one of those files is a sqlite3 database in journal mode. We usually use pretty recent sqlite3 versions, but we do not make any guarantees on exactly which.

You can also see the following folders:

  • files: Those are the hosted files that you uploaded to your instance.
  • browsers: The binary of the browser used for rendering.
  • projects: The data for each project. Each sub-folder will be the UUID of the project (structure detailed below).

For each project, you will see the following:

  • database.caido: The majority of the data of the project is contained in that database.
  • database_raw.caido: Contains the raw data of the requests and responses, it is split for performance reasons.
  • exports: Folder containing the exported data

Each one of those files is a sqlite3 database in wal mode. Thus if you copy them, make sure to also copy the -wal files.