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Listening Address/Port

Caido, by default, listens on the IP address and port 8080. This means that Caido will only be accessible from the same machine it is running on.

However, you can change the listening address and port to suit your needs. There are two ways to change the listening address, depending on whether you are using the CLI or the desktop application.


Please note that if you change the listening address to something other than, Caido will be accessible from any machine on the network, so it is important to consider the security implications of doing so.

Changing the Listening Address/Port: CLI

When using the CLI, you can update the listening address by using the -l or --listen option followed by the desired address and port in the format ADDR:PORT.

Example: to listen on all available network interfaces on port 8000, use the following command:

caido -l

Changing the Listening Address/Port: Desktop Application

Open the Connection Manager and proceed with the following steps:

Connection manager instance more options.
  1. Click on the icon to the right of the Instance you want to apply a custom listening address to and select Edit.
Connection manager instance edit.
  1. Select the appropriate radio button. If using a Custom listening address - supply the address in the input field.
  2. Supply the value of the desired listening port.