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CA Certificate

To use Caido to intercept (and tamper with) your HTTP/S traffic, it is necessary to import and trust the CA Certificate of Caido in your browser.

Importing the CA Certificate in Your Browser

  1. After starting Caido on your machine, navigate to localhost:8080 (or the port you've configured for Caido to listen to) and log in.
User dropdown.
  1. Click on your account icon in the upper-rightmost corner of the Caido window.
  2. Select CA Certificate tab or navigate to http://localhost:8080/#/settings/certificate.
Downloading the CA Certificate.
  1. Download the certificate and follow the importation instructions provided within Caido. After you've successfully imported the certificate, your browser is now configured to proxy it's traffic through Caido.


Ensure to select the importation instructions specific to your browser of choice.