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Common Errors - common errors and matching resolutions.


Features: Overview

  • Sitemap - capturing/navigating the file structure of a website.
  • Sorting - sorting tables by property categories.
  • Scope - filtering what Caido captures/presents.
  • Filters - creating filter presets for use with HTTPQL.

Features: Proxy

  • Intercept - capturing requests/responses.
  • HTTP History - viewing/interacting with all HTTP/S traffic proxied through Caido.
  • WebSocket History - viewing/interacting with all WebSocket traffic proxied through Caido.
  • Match & Replace - specifying elements of a request/response to automatically replace.

Features: Testing

  • Replay - modifying and sending requests arbitrarily.
  • Automate - fuzzing/bruteforcing requests.
  • Assistant - Caido's AI, security-tailored LLM integration.

Features: Logging

  • Search - filtering using HTTPQL to find the exact request or response you're looking for that is contained in Caido.
  • Findings - inspecting/analyzing discoveries produced by tools.
  • Exports - exporting data from Caido.

Features: Workspace

  • Files: User Uploads - uploading files to Caido for use/reuse.
  • Plugins - installing and managing plugin packages.
  • Projects - organizing your assessments.
  • Backups - creating Backup files of your Projects/recovering Projects from Backup files.