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WS History

The WS History tab allows you to view data exchanged between the client and the server passing through the proxy over a WebSocket connection.

This tab provides you with information such as when the connection was established, where the messages are being sent, the direction of the messages between the client and server, the length of the messages and the contents of each message exchanged.

WS History Layout

To familiarize yourself with the WS History interface, continue below:

WS History tab.
  1. Select the WS History tab from the left-hand menu within the Caido window.
  2. All the proxied WebSocket streams will appear in this pane. Select them arbitrarily.
  3. Select a message within the selected stream in this pane.
  4. The contents of the selected message are presented in this pane.

Additional Information


  • Applying a Scope Preset is supported by WS History.
  • Clicking the column names (located at the top and spanning horizontally) within the Streams pane will sort the requests by the selected column category. View the Sorting by Properties documentation for more information.