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Scopes are defined through the creation of Scope Presets within the Scopes tab interface. Your Scope Presets will match requests throughout the application by using a supplied list of Hosts that are designated either In Scope or Out of Scope. Scoping improves the efficiency of your testing process by quickly filtering the display of targets that are relevant/irrelevant to your engagement.

Caido offers the ability to switch between your Scope Presets with ease throughout the application.

Scope Preset Rules

  • Hosts can only contain lowercase letters (a-z), numbers (0-9) and some symbols (-, _, *, ?).
  • Hosts can include Glob Wildcards (* and ?) to support multiple subdomains (* and TLDs (*example*).
  • Hosts can be In Scope acting as an allow list or Out of Scope acting as a deny list.


Scope Presets currently only support domains, not paths.

View the submitted Github Issue for more information and to cast your vote to prioritize the implementation of paths within scoping rules.

Creating a New Scope Preset

Creating a new Scope.


In this example - the Scope Preset created will record any traffic to/from and as well as any subdomains with the exception of as it is listed Out of Scope.

  1. Select the Scope tab from the left-hand menu within the Caido window.
  2. This pane displays all saved Scopes. To create a new Scope - click on the + New Preset button.
  3. Name your Scope Preset and enter the rules of the Scope in this pane. Click Save once the Scope is defined to your liking. Clicking Delete will remove the associated Scope Preset from the current Caido Project.

Applying a Scope Preset

Currently, the tabs that support Scope selection are Sitemap, Intercept, HTTP History, WS History and Search.

Selecting Scopes.
  1. Click the Scope dropdown menu.
  2. You will be presented with a list of your saved Scope Presets. Select one to apply it.

Additional Information


  • You can create as many Scope Presets as you want.
  • Scope Presets are specific to the Project they are created in.
  • Adding or removing a Preset can be slow if you have a big Project since Caido will re-index your data on each change.
  • In Caido, Scopes are NOT global. Each tool and (eventually) each view can have a different Scope.


Selecting Unset Scope acts as an absence of any scoping. All proxied traffic will be displayed.