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Uploading Files for Use in Automate

For advanced documentation on this topic - click here.

Automate allows you to brute-force/fuzz designated elements of a request.

  • In order to utilize the Hosted File Payload Type in Automate - you must first upload payload files/wordlists in the Files tab within Caido.


Files tab.
  1. Select the Files tab from the left-hand menu within the Caido window.
  2. Drag and drop the files you wish to upload into this box or click Browse to navigate/select the file within your device's file system.
  3. Once you have selected a file, it will appear in this pane.
  4. You can rename the file by clicking the Edit button, entering the desired name and then clicking Save. To remove a wordlist click on the and select Delete.

Automating Brute-Forcing/Fuzzing

Once you have uploaded your desired files - return to Automate documentation here: