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Caido Storage Folder

All the data Caido creates is stored in a single folder. It can be moved to another computer, but you might encounter issues (we are working on Project export/import).

MacOS~/Library/Application\ Support/io.caido.Caido/


The log directory will contain the log files used to view output from the Coding Nodes using the SDK.

Folder Structure


We do not recommend modifying the files directly as this might result in problems in the application and/or corruption of data. Proceed at your own risk.

Inside the storage folder you will see the following files:

  • config.db: Contains all the non-critical configurations of the Instance. Also contains the cached data from the cloud for offline support.
  • secrets.db: Contains all the sensitive configurations. Currently, it is AES encrypted with a static secret, but we plan to support a user-specified password in the future.
  • projects.db: Contains the metadata of the Projects and hosted files.


Each one of those files is a sqlite3 database in journal mode. We usually use pretty recent sqlite3 versions, but we do not make any guarantees on exactly which.

You can also see the following folders:

  • files: Those are the hosted files that you uploaded to your Instance.
  • browsers: The binary of the browser used for rendering.
  • projects: The data for each Project. Each sub-folder will be the UUID of the Project (structure detailed below).

For each Project, you will see the following:

  • database.caido: The majority of the data of the Project is contained in that database.
  • database_raw.caido: Contains the raw data of the requests and responses, it is split for performance reasons.
  • exports: Folder containing the exported data.


Each one of those files is a sqlite3 database in wal mode. Thus if you copy them, make sure to also copy the -wal files.