The Convert feature allows you to encode or decode text using a chain of encodings.

This feature consists of three main sections:

  • The encoder chain
  • The "Decoded" field where you can enter text.
  • The "Encoded" field where the final result of the encoding process is displayed.


To use the Convert feature, you first need to define a chain of encodings. Once the chain is defined, you can enter text in the "Decoded" field. That text will be piped through the chain of encodings, with its output being displayed in the "Encoded" field.

Additionally, you can also pass data in the "Encoded" field and it will be piped through the chain in the opposite direction and update the "Decoded" section.

It's worth noting that this feature is one of our older features and we're planning on improving it during 2023, so its functionality may change in the future.